We produce unique Denver singles events & parties, bringing people together in fun & nice venues all over the Denver area. The opportunities to meet other great singles… are endless. Mixing & mingling with other people like a yourself; fun, intelligent, active & adventurous singles, who would love to meet you at a live event.

Our job starts with you: understanding what type of singles you would like to meet at our live events; and finding people that you actually have something in common. The activities that give opportunity too bring singles together, through introductions, and social events.

Not sure what to do in the Denver singles social scene, that’s what we specialize in. Let us show you around where singles can attend events & activities in a fun, and safe environment…. so if you are new to flying solo or new to Denver.

For our seasoned singles, stand back try a few of our events or parties… and be impressed, with the dynamic, friendly, and exciting singles living in the Denver Metropolitan area.

We’re always happy to talk about how we can best serve you. If you have questions or suggestions about; venues, events, or parties, please don’t hesitate to to contact us.

We are also here to support the local businesses, we always bring a lot of revenue in to our Denver communities. Let us know about your venue, restaurants and/or bars. We love great new or well established businesses that give our local singles a fun & unique experience in meeting, mingling, dancing, and other activities that encourage living social.

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